We break down the overall concept of health or wellness into ‘bite-sized chunks’ that we can actually do something about.  The first level we call health domains. 

We like the Life of Wellness site and we have chosen the following domains.

1. Emotional Wellness: Awareness and acceptance of feelings
2. Spiritual Wellness: A search for meaning and purpose
3. Intellectual Wellness: Recognition of your creativity, knowledge and skills
4. Physical Wellness: Need for physical activity and balanced nutrition
5. Environmental Wellness: Positive awareness and impact on your environment
6. Financial Wellness: Debt reduction, cash flow balance or financial future planning
7. Occupational Wellness: Personal achievement and enrichment from your career
8. Social Wellness: Contribution to your community

wellness wheel domains

Health Areas

Within each domain, we have included a number of health areas. These are specific issues that you can tackle.  Within each health area, e.g. Depression, we have built additional information and exercises which you can do to help in the area. You can create your own Action Plan to address this area, and see whether this makes any difference.

wellness wheel

We will continue to develop health areas

Health areas are specific things that you can tackle. We have put a number of these in each domain and we show examples of some in the diagram.

Below we show a list of the Health Areas that we currently have in each domain.

If you choose to go straight to a health area. you will have to consider which domain it is in to select it.

Emotional: Anxiety,Compassion Fatigue,Depression,Gambling,Laughter,Narcissistic,Personality Disorder, Sleep, Stress

Environmental: Environmental Issues, Greenness

Financial: Debt, Family Finance, Financial Planning, Financial Wellness

Intellectual: IQ, Personality, Procrastination

Occupational: Jobs for Different Personality Types, Retirement Income, Work Life Balance

Physical: Alcohol,Disabilities, Dizziness, Drugs, Fitness, Food Preferences, General Health, Healthy Ageing, Illness, Nutrition, Sleep Apnea, Smoking

Social: Communication Skills, Communication Styles, Domestic Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Love Partnerships, Mental Abuse, Parenting Styles, Sexual Addiction

Spiritual: Are You Sensitive, Mystical Guidance, Spirituality

Action Plans

Once a specific health area has been chosen, you can create your own action plan.  You build this over time, first looking at the additional information we have on that health area. You can then look at exercises which relate to that health area, and choose which you want to do as part of your action plan.  You can 

health areas in action plans

Domain and health area in action plan

You name your own action plan, then you select the domain and health area that you have previously decided on. You can edit these, although once you've made progress you won't want to.

info in action plans

Supporting information and questionnaire

We have supporting info on each health area, including links to external sources, videos, etc. Each health area has a questionnaire enabling you to assess your current health in that area. We don't retain details in questionnaires, and you can enter whatever details you want to on your action plan.

You can then look at a list of exercises (an exercise is something you do to improve like improving your communication skills), filtered by health area.

exercise in action plan

Choose exercise for action plan

Once you've looked at the exercises applicable to that action plan, you can look any any one in more detail. You can then decide whether to include it in your action plan. Once you have decided, you can start doing the exercise and monitor progress, and whenver you look at your action plan you will be able to see the execerise.

expert in action plan

Look at experts who can help

We are building a panel of experts who can provide help in certain areas. If you want help, you can look at these experts and see if you want to engage one.

summary in action plan

Complete and summarise action plan

Once you've done your exercises and the main bits of your action plan you can summarise it and either complete it or continue doing it.

You can even print off a PDF of your action plan.

review action plan

Review your action plan

After completing your action plan, you can review your health in the area concerned by re-taking the questionnaire, and seeing and noting if there has been any improvement.

You can also print off a PDF of your reviewed action plan.

This is a key part of you driving your own health and the culmination of the process.  For this health area – you can start tackling another area as soon as you want!


At YouDriveHealth we can provide you with information, tools, calculators and also support for may aspects of health – physical, financial and mental.  If you register by entering your email address then when you sign in you can comment and contribute.

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