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At YouDriveHealth we believe in health, or wellness, or well-being – whatever you want to call it.  Our site isn’t aimed at any particular group – we’d definitely like to help if we can.

We have links to local authority, and we believe absolutely in social corporate responsibility.  Our team and contributors have many years of business and life experience, and we are adding all areas of expertise, including health professionals, lawyers, business people, academics and most importantly people who have had real life experiences that people can learn from. In addition we want you to join us, contribute and share your experience to YouDriveHealth for everyone.
You Drive Your Health!

What we do

People should be  in charge of their own health, so we try and give you some information, give you some tools to decide what your options are and then give you the chance to do something about it. 

Unquestionably not everyone is able to make the changes they want to make, so here we try and provide the support that might make the difference between achieving what you set out to do and not.

We’ve set ourselves a big task by considering all aspects of health; we consider physical, financial and mental health.  We started looking at financial health – we have experience in financial services – but we realised we wanted to look at all other aspects as well.  We’re also quite old, so we wanted to look at life’s journey, and see how we could help people get old healthier.

As we’re aiming so wide, have a look at a (slightly bigger!) organisation that’s looking at overall health, or wellness.

We believe in what we’re doing.  We want to create a community of people who care. Click below to see what we’re about. 

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You can register to join us as a member, when you’ll be able to download our stuff and comment, or as a YouDriver when you’ll also be able to check your health and set up your own action plans to make some improvements.  If you’ve already registered, sign in below. Or let us know what you think.


At YouDriveHealth we can provide you with information, tools, calculators and also support for may aspects of health – physical, financial and mental.  If you register by entering your email address then when you sign in you can comment and contribute.

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How our site works

  • We want to help people in all aspects of their health  – physical, financial and mental. 

  • We cover a number of areas in each category – we call the ‘Drives’

  • We also know that people are at different stages of life, so we summarise that in ‘Life Journey’.

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Home page

Our Home page reflects what we do, and what we stand for.It allows you to see what we believe in in terms of personal responsibility, as well as showing our Drives and the Life Journey. You can also see the other important aspects of our site - the Blog, and information about what we believe in.If you register (see below) then you can download our health quiz. You can also comment on our site and start to add contributions yourself.

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All our pages allow you to register (or sign up) to YouDriveHealth.  We'll never ask you for financial details, but signing up allows you to download materials and papers from our site. When you register you provide an email address and we'll send you a link.

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What we believe

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  • We want to help people in all aspects of their health  – physical, financial and mental. We also provide detailed explanations of how overall health (or well-being) is measured.
  • We believe these things are often linked, so we try and address health holistically. We are building flow charts and decision trees to help you identify what’s important to you.
  • We think people should try and take responsibility for  of their own health as much as they can.  See below for what that means.

Locus of Control

People look at things differently.  Some people believe things happen to them, while others believe they can influence what happens to them. Technically this is called the ‘locus of control’.  People can have an Internal or external Locus of Control

locus of control

Internal or external Locus of control

People with an internal locus of control are more likely to take responsibility for their actions, and tend to be less influenced by others.

People with an external locus of control blame outside forces for what happens, and don't believe they can change the situation themselves.

If you want to find out how you see things, you can take a test to show what your locus of control is.  Most of the tests are based on work by Rotter dating back to 1966 – many have been updated since. 

Psychology Today have a 15 minute test which gives you a summary of your position you can buy the detailed results if you want to.

My Personality Test have a 10 minute test which gives you a summary.

It's OK saying you can take control, but what if the s%^t really hits the fan?

It’s too easy to be smug and say you need to control your own destiny.  We know that things can really hit you hard – there are many things you really can’t control.  That’s why we think this isn’t all you need to know.  There’s another VITAL lesson that goes with it.

E + R = O - an event + your response = the outcome


If you let the Event control the Outcome, and you don’t like the Outcome – you can only change your Response – not the Event.

This short video explains this – you can read more 

For a longer example – look at this US motivational speaker giving a real life example – it’s worth persevering with!

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What our site's for - YouDriveHealth and Interventions

Where YouDriveHealth applies

We understand that if your problem has been going a while and is severe, you need to get it fixed urgently with professional help. We call this an intervention.

We deal with situations where you’re not even sure you have a problem (but might want to improve some aspect of your life) through to where it’s serious (such as deciding to seek expert help). Often help is needed in other areas AFTER some expert intervention in one area (e.g. looking at jobs or help with depression after an operation).

health aspects interlinked
interventions and degrees of severity

So on a scale ranging from no problem to as bad as it gets, we deal with areas with no problem to serious – after this you need serious expert help.

Also, these areas are interlinked.  Often a problem in one area has a knock-on effect on others. Losing your job can lead to anxiety and depression, which can turn you drink and impact your health.

You might have a severe issue in one area but that can lead to problems in other areas, and the people treating you for the first problem won’t be equipped to deal with these linked issues.

For example, doctors and nurses can treat you for a physical problem but can’t advise you about your job or finances.

We take a holistic view – we look at all areas and offer support across the whole spectrum.

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A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine

Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.