I want to keep control of  I'm happy to let someone else deal with switching energy supplier

With energy prices hitting a new high, it’s more important than ever that you switch supplier to make the most of new offers.


It can be a real hassle to every year search around for a better price just like our car or house insurance. This is what the wholesalers hope and wish for; once you have switched you won’t switch again. 

• Guaranteed to switch you to a better tariff and company when your old tariff finishes
• Saves you time and energy 
•  The service will be absolutely free.

Keeping control

Andrew Hagger, personal finance analyst from Moneycomms.co.uk said: “People are quite reluctant to switch without doing their own in-depth research and changing brands is rarely an instant or knee-jerk reaction unless their provider has upset them in some way.”

He predicted that the new services will prove popular with consumers who are time-poor and simply want the cheapest service, “but for others who are more selective and not frequent switchers, this will simply be a step too far”

YouDrive thinks….

YouDrive is all about helping you take charge, making it easy for you to find savings for all your main bills, and your energy bills are in that bracket.  So you can switch once, or repeatedly, knowing you’re getting the best deal you can.   It’s important for you then to look at other areas of your life and create a more virtuous circle. 

You’ve seen more detail on the different points of view, and also what YouDrive’s view is.  You can go back to EnergyDrive by clicking the button here, or go to Home page.

More information

Save Your Energy

Home Energy-Saving Solutions

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The Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings

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Citizens Advice allow you to compare gas and electricity prices – just enter your postcode

Ofgem offer help on how to switch energy supplier 

Citizens Advice information on your energy


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