The world of fish farming is now well and truly a billion dollar business with a dozen players dominating the market. For those who do not know a fish farm is a net suspended near the shore line in which fish are kept or as in India and Asia old paddy rice fields have been converted to hold fish and prawns etc. The negatives of large scale fish farming is simple the more fish you cram in the more disease you get.

Instead of the greedy fish farmers finding a balance they prefer to rely on the scientists to come up with chemicals that can be fed to fish to stave off disease in order to cram in more fish. These chemicals also contain antibiotic, colouring especially in salmon to make it pink and hormone for growth. You can see from the Image there is hardly an issue with space or moving them around or reducing the number to more manageable levels to avoid having to use such extreme levels of chemicals.

We then as consumers think it healthy not realizing what the fish have been fed on. An interesting fact is 85% of the world fish food that is fed to these fish farms comes from China and as a we know with recent issues can this fish food supply be truly trusted.

The fish mortality has been progressively increasing over the last 10 years and scientists are racing to try to find new ways to stop fish lice with are becoming immune to the medication. Governments across the world are deeming the fish safe to be consumed but know the facts would you? why would a government choose to endorse fish farming? well due to the population boom. We are currently coming very close to producing more farmed fish than caught fish.

Its started with salmon and now all main breeds of fish are farmed. The Chinese at the moment have Genetically Modified most types of fish stock to be more resistant to fish lice and are capable of growing at an alarming rate.

There is a vast wealth of undercover videos on YouTube that expose fish farm and the owners. Take a look at the following videos that show how bad the industry is and then make up your own mind about whether to eat farmed fish. Our advice is check the packet and were possible go for ocean caught fish.

Copy the link to hear from Katie Tunn she reports from the Isle of Skye

Copy the link from Don Staniford he is from the Scottish salmon Watch

This article shows the death rate of fish now farmed and its alarming how the rates have increased substantially;


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