Nick Ferrari on LBC from Twittert:

Cycling to work – is this good for you as well as the environment?

This video from Transport for London seems to encourage it.  Some of the comments on Twitter were interesting though.  Let’s look at the Tweet and watch the video:

There seem to be financial and time benefits in this case.  However, it’s London, and the traffic is worse there than many places, and there’s a history of cycling.

What if you live in another city?  It seems to us that the benefits are:

But the downside to consider:

The comments on Twitter were interesting – many people thought it was worse for you breathing polluted air when you’re cycling and also highlighted the danger.  There may be some backlash against ‘woke’ sentiment too – it is Twitter after all!

YouDrive thinks…

Up to your situation we guess.  Sometimes it just isn’t practical.  If you can do it safely, the exercise and the savings will be a plus.  One of us was brought up in London and has never ridden a bike!

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