Cancer Survivor Joins with six universities in new study

Why does cancer return in some people and not in others? Dr James Hull has had three serious forms of cancer and has survived, and you can see the interview with him below.  He says  that it can’t just be him who manages to survive, so the study want to hear from people who 

The Continuum Long-term Survivor study is involved in detailed analysis of the immune system. 

The news article states:

“If you have had an aggressive, locally advanced and/or metastatic cancer which resolved completely with treatment and have remained free of the disease without maintenance treatment for 5 years or longer we would like to talk to you.”

Please email [email protected] or alternatively call on the free phone number 0800 144 8488.

YouDrive thinks:

It’s very early days, but this research focussed on the way proteins attach themselves to tumour cells could be a major breakthrough.

Interview with Dr James Hull

Interview from This Morning

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