Credit: MDWfeatures / Elizabeth Wathins

By Lucy Jones
Digital Health & Fitness Reported Thesun 17 Dec 2019

After getting to 26 stone after years of eating huge bags of crisps, chocolates and sweets in addition to eating to celebrate good times as well as get over bad times, Elizabeth decided to take control.

She had gastric band surgery then changed her diet to eat 700 calories a day for a year with 70g of protein, then 1,200 a day to finally lose the last 3 stone. She now weighs 11st 8lb and has found new self-confidence, met someone and is now engaged.

Elizabeth is now urging other slimmers to focus on their own journey – not someone else’s.

She said: “Nobody can make this decision for you, you need to make it for yourself, but there is a world of support out there for you when you are ready.

“What works for one person is not necessarily the same for others.”


YouDrive thinks:

A great story.  Note – the gastric band wasn’t enough on its own.  It took 18 months+ of effort to get the result. 

Clearly Elizabeth decided she needed to drive her weight down and change her life.

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