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What impact will this lockdown have on mental health?

Well, we are about to enter another lockdown – this one in much worse weather. We were wondering what impact this will have on people’s mental health.

Especially in these isolating times it’s worth looking at mental health in a little more detail.  More than two thirds of adults in the UK (69%) reported feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect Covid-19 is having on their life.

Lockdown has significant financial impacts – over one third of people in full time work were concerned about losing their job (Mental Health Foundation), while a quarter of unemployed people were not coping well with the stress and one in five had experienced suicidal thoughts. Domestic abuse calls to the national helpline Refuge in the first three weeks of the first lockdown were 49% higher than usual, and an MPs report found that 16 people were killed in that period.

Over 10 million people will (almost 20% of the population) willneed either new or additional mental health support as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Centre for Mental Health has worked with the NHS to build a model to forecast how many people will need mental health support, which is aimed at helping plan local and national responses.

Nick O’Shea is the author of the report and explains here the key findings for the population as a whole.

Here Nick O’Shea explains the effect on children and young people.

The slide below is taken from the presentation given with the study, which can be downloaded below.

Covid Impacts
mind and mental health picture


all about mental health…

stress and stressed man


under pressure…




If you’d like to discuss mental health leave a comment below.

Report briefing (in PDF)

Download briefing

Webinar presentation (in Powerpoint)

Download presentation

Copy of forecasting model (in Excel)

Download model

Copy of forecasting model assumptions (in Powerpoint)

Download assumptions

YouDrive thinks…

This is quite scary stuff – we’ll  revisit this as a discussion in our next post.


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