School Uniforms To Be Scrapped

In February 2020 a law has been tabled meaning the need to have expensive uniforms from limited suppliers.  These cost an average of £340 a year for secondary schools and £240 a year for primary schools.

Families with more than one child at school are hit hard by this. Nearly one family in six say they have to cut back on food and other essentials to pay for school uniforms from one in seven in 2015 (Child Poverty Action Group).

This means that, like in Wales, Head Teachers will specify basic items (trousers and shirts) not styles, meaning parents can buy them in supermarkets rather than having to use specialist suppliers.

The Student View shows 4 reasons school uniforms aren’t necessary.

Labour’s Mike Amesbury has tabled a bill which the government have said they will support.

YouDrive thinks…

This is a good thing – forcing people to pay higher prices for clothes is just wrong.

Hopefully this is  one of may examples of working together to do the right thing!

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