Welcome to your Wednesday LQ3 Music


'Tired of waiting for you' – was a hit by which group in the 60s?


Who had the single in 1961 in the US with a song that begins with the lyrics, 'As I walk along I wonder, A-what went wrong with our love'?


What year did Rod Stewart release 'Maggie May?'


Which artist or group claimed the SECOND most UK number one hit singles during the decade of the 70's?


Which British Ska band released 'Lip Up Fatty' in 1980?


Who released a number one album in 1989 called '...But Seriously'?


Which song by Pulp includes the lyrics, 'All the people, So many people, And they all go hand-in-hand'?


Looking at the maps, what is the name of country 2


Which Scottish band released Take Me Out in 2004?


Looking at the maps, what is the name of country 1


Who was crowned winner of the X-Factor in 2015?


Which female singer released a song in 2013 called ‘Wrecking Ball’?

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