Welcome to your Retirement Income Questionnaire

What is commonly suggested as a target retirement income?

In 2019-20, what's the most you can receive from the government each year under the full new state pension?

In 2019-20, how many years of "qualifying" National Insurance contributions do you need to make, in order to receive the full state pension?

In 2019-20, what's the minimum amount which your employer must legally contribute to your workplace pension?

How much are you, personally, required to also contribute to your workplace pension (on top of your employers' contributions)?

In 2019-20, when can you start accessing the money you have been saving into your pension (i.e. workplace pensions and private pensions, but NOT your state pension).

When you retire, you can receive an income in a variety of different ways. What is the "income drawdown" option?

What is a "defined benefit" pension?

What is a "defined contribution" pension?

. If you have build up a pension pot, how much are you allowed to legally withdraw as a lump sum, TAX-FREE, once you hit the point where you can start accessing that money (Question 6)?

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