Welcome to your Mental Abuse Questionnaire

Our test has 15 multiple choice questions which give you a score which indicates the extent there is mental (or emotional) abuse in your relationship.

The same questions can be found in the quiz at DV (Domestic Violence) Assist, although the scoring is different there.


1. My partner never admits when she or he is wrong.

2. My partner is unwilling to adapt to my needs and expectations.

3. My partner is more insensitive than caring.

4. I am often forced to sacrifice my own needs to meet my partner's needs.

5. My partner refuses to talk about problems that make him or her look bad.

6. My partner withholds affection unless it would benefit him or her.

7. It's hard to disagree with my partner because she or he gets angry.

8. My partner resents being questioned about the way he or she treats me.

9. My partner builds himself or herself up by putting me down.

10. My partner retaliates when I disagree with him or her.

11. My partner is always trying to change me.

12. My partner believes he or she has the right to force me to do things.

13. My partner is overly possessive or jealous.

14. My partner tries to isolate me from family and friends.

15. Sometimes my partner physically hurts me.

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