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From Soul & Spirit, see the Ultimate Spiritual IQ Quiz! They’ve compiled 20 different questions to really test your knowledge across the different spiritual practices and disciplines and to find out just how deep your knowledge goes. See how many you get right, and then try it with your friends and family too. But just remember, it’s only a bit of fun, and could even introduce you to your new favourite area of spirituality.

1. What sign of the zodiac is characterised by a crab?

2. Which crystal from the below specifically boosts abundance?

3. What herb was traditionally given for mothers about to give birth in the past?

4. Metta bhavana is a form of meditation from the Buddhist tradition believed to boost wellbeing and compassion, but what else is it known as?

5. Today there are two different tarot decks – one with 22 cards and one with 56 cards – but what are they known as?

6 Which chakra is represented by the colour blue?

7 If you were born on July 24th, what star sign would you be?

8 In yoga, kundalini – a form of primal energy – is said to be located where?

9 Where was Reiki first developed?

10 Smudging sticks are often used to cleanse areas of bad energy. What are they traditionally made with?

11 At what stage in the lunar cycle are you encouraged to make your wishes?

12 In astrology, which planet is linked to responsibilities, growth and meaning in our lives?

13 When is the pagan festival of Imbolc traditionally celebrated?

14 Who is the head of the archangels?

15 Who wrote The Secret?

16 What is the key underlying principle of the Law of Attraction?

17 Which of these is not a form of divination?

18 If you had trouble sleeping, which crystal from the below would you choose for your bedside table?

19 What flower represents spiritual wisdom?

20 What is a pentacle?

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