Welcome to your Happy or Problem Questionnaire?

This isn't so much of a questionnaire - it's more a record of where you are at this moment in time.  As you go through.just decide on how you feel in that area and make a comment if there's something you want to remember later.  We don't keep a record of what you put, so you're the inly one who'll ever see it.

This scale is intended to estimate your happiness over the last month with your life in each of the areas listed below, or whether you believe you have a problem in that area. Ask yourself the following question as you rate each area:
How happy am I with this area of my life? Or do I have a problem?
You are to choose one of the numbers (1-10) beside each area. Lower numbers indicate you think there is a problem and increasing degrees of unhappiness, while higher numbers reflect increasing levels of happiness and no problems. In general, state according to the numerical scale (1-10) exactly how you feel about these areas of your life.
Remember: Try not to allow one category to influence the results of the other categories.

Drinking (alcohol)

Drug use (excluding alcohol)

Job or education




Nutrition (diet)


Family relationships

Significant Other Relationships

Sex life

Legal issues

Emotional life (depression, anxiety)



Pleasurable activities (how you spend your free time)

General state of happiness

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