Welcome to your Gambling Addiction Questionnaire.

This 10-question quiz asks about your gambling related activities and thoughts. Think carefully and answer each question as honestly as possible. We do not save this information.
When you reach the end, press the Submit button. This could be your first step to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Have you ever spent ten days in a row thinking about gambling, including planning future gambling ventures, devising betting strategies, or figuring out how to raise money?

Have you ever increased your bet size to "test your luck" or to recapture a loss?

When you tried to quit or reduce your gambling activities, did you feel irritable, depressed, or bored?

Have emotional lows caused you to want to stop or reduce gambling at least three times in your life?

Do you gamble to escape personal problems or to seek relief from uncomfortable feelings such as guilt, anxiety, helplessness, or depression?

After a losing gambling session, have you ever decided to stay longer to try to recapture your lost money?

Have you ever lied about how often you gamble or how much you lost?

To raise money for gambling, have you ever written a non-sufficient funds (NSF or bouncing) cheque, stolen money, or pawned property?

Has gambling created personal problems, hurt your relationships with family or friends, or negatively affected your work performance?

Has gambling ever created a debt so large that you needed to ask family members, friends, a lending institution, a bankruptcy trustee, a credit counselor, or anyone else to give or loan you money?

We hope you found our Gambling Addiction Questionnaire interesting. Remember, we don't save any information entered here!

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