Welcome to your Fitness Quotient questionnaire.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to measure someone's fitness without doing any testing, relying solely on replies to a simple questionnaire that could be completed in minutes? Here is a questionnaire devised by Topend Sports which gives a measure of fitness based on the answers to 10 simple questions.

The test is simple, easy to conduct, and no equipment is necessary, though the accuracy and reliability are yet to be determined. Have a go - how fit are you?

The Questionnaire
Answer each of these questions as honestly as you can. If you don't know the correct answer, just make a best guess or choose the closest answer. Mark down your answer to each of the questions (a, b, c or d) then once you have completed all the questions you will see your result and get your measure of fitness.

Although the questionnaire is simple, it has some disadvantages:  It relies on the honesty of the subjects, and accuracy of their recollection.
Some questions are culturally specific (e.g. the subjects need to know what a sobriety test, what a shoebox and hurdle is, and live in a society where chasing a robber is an option) and have a certain level of knowledge (e.g. knowing about ideal weight and what is obese).  In its current format, the test is only suitable for literate English language speakers.  The test's accuracy and reliability are yet to be determined.
No normative values have been created.

How would you describe your body weight?

How many days a week do you do some form of exercise?

Can you touch your toes?

Could you walk along a straight line, like the "Walk and Turn" field sobriety test?

If you went out for a jog, how far do you think you could go before you had to stop for a rest?

How many push-ups do you think you could do?

How would you go if you had to move some HEAVY furniture around the house?

What could you jump over?

If you had your purse/wallet stolen, would you be able to chase down the robber?

Confronted with a flight of stairs, would you ...?

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