Welcome to your Financial Wellness Questionnaire - this is taken from the Dimensions of Wellness.

Take the quiz below to see how close you are to achieving financial health.  It's only 10 questions each with four possible answers.  At the end you'll get a score and a rating, with a bit of (tongue in cheek) advice as to how to improve.  It's a US based quiz so some of the terminology is a bit odd in the UK, but you'll get the idea!


Do you have cash in your pocket?

Do you balance your bank account regularly?

Do you know the total amount of debt you have?

Do you have a retirement account?

Do you feel there is plenty of time in the day?

Do you know how much is in your retirement account?

Do you know where your retirement is invested?

Are you happy with your job?

Do you know what your net worth is?

Do you know what net worth means?

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