Welcome to your Disability Awareness Questionnaire

This is a 20 question true or false quiz from the US which is aimed at seeing how aware you are of disability - there isn't really any competitive element - it's more about how much you understand.

Only people who can’t walk use wheelchairs.

You have a friend who has a speech impairment and sometimes you’re not sure what he said. To make things easier, you should pretend that you understand

When you meet someone who is blind or visually impaired, you should introduce yourself to that person.

When communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, it is necessary to speak through an interpreter.

It’s safe to assume that people with disabilities usually need help.

It’s okay to gossip about people who are deaf hard of hearing because they can’t hear you anyway

People who use wheelchairs can’t go any place fun

People with cerebral palsy usually have a cognitive disability, too.

People with disabilities want very much to be treated just like everyone else.

When you meet someone with a guide or companion dog, you should make friends with the dog first so that the dog is comfortable with you being nearby.

Among other professions, people with disabilities work as stockbrokers, lawyers, doctors and teachers.

People with disabilities prefer to hang out with others who have disabilities.

Public places such as movie theaters, restaurants and ballparks are easy for people who use wheelchairs to enjoy

People with disabilities can’t dance

It’s okay to ask people with disabilities about their disabilities.

People with disabilities can participate in competitive sports.

People with physical disabilities can’t live on their own when they grow up.

People can become disabled at any time in their lives.

Disabilities are illnesses to be treated by medical professionals in the hope of a cure.

Many people with disabilities feel their real disability involves problems with the environment rather than problems with their bodies.

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