Welcome to your Compassion Fatigue Questionnaire

Caring for someone can be a difficult endeavour.  Sometimes you may feel that you are struggling.  You won't know if this a normal feeling, or if things are getting too much for you.  That's called 'Compassion Fatigue'.

Technically compassion fatigue (CF) is stress resulting from exposure to a traumatized individual. CF has been described as the convergence of secondary traumatic stress (STS) and cumulative burnout (BO), a state of physical and mental exhaustion caused by a depleted ability to cope with one's everyday environment.

This questionnaire is a simple 9 questions which gives you an indication whether you are suffering from compassion fatigue.  Just tick True or False for each question - don't overthink your answers!

Personal concerns commonly intrude on my caregiving role.

Family members, friends, other caregivers seem to lack understanding.

I find even small changes enormously draining.

I can't seem to recover quickly after association with daily trauma or a troubling event.

Association with any type of traumatic or troubling event affects me very deeply.

My patients' stress (the person you care for) affects me deeply.

I have lost my sense of hopefulness.

I feel vulnerable all the time.

I feel overwhelmed by unfinished personal business.

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