Welcome to your Brain Power.  This is a simple 12 question questionnaire which aims to give you some interesting information about the brain.  It's not meant to be competitive, so the score doesn't really matter.  You may well learn something about the brain!

What percentage of your brain do you use?

At what age does the brain usually stop developing?

Some people are right-brained (creative), and others are left-brained (logical).

What colour is your brain?

What effect does listening to classical music have on babies?

What happens to the brain during sleep?

How many new brain cells do adults grow per day?

People learn better when they’re taught in their preferred learning style, like through pictures, words, sound, or touch.

What happens in your brain when you learn new things?

What age is best to learn new information?

What percentage of your intelligence is set by your genes?

What effect does learning two languages at the same time have on your brain?

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