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We are supposed to have a free and impartial press in the UK. We’re not sure about you, but we are getting increasingly sick of the way the current Covid-19 pandemic is being reported.

It made us wonder what the rest of the world thought about how their media were reporting the situation. The chart below shows where trust in reporting is highest and lowest.

It’s taken from an article by Amy Watson in July 2020

Who trusts the media most (and least!)

This chart is produced by Statista and is based on YouGov data.

It’s worth saying that the media in Vietnam and China is tightly controlled by the state.

With regard to Covid-19, No doubt a large part of the problem are the differences in the way cases and deaths are counted and statistics compiled in different countries. It seems incredible that neighbouring countries can have such widely divergent numbers – borders don’t stop viruses!

Where there is free press, the USA with President Trump talking about fake news and suggesting using disinfectant clearly has issues and a widely divergent media. However, the figures are still higher there than in the UK, where the media and the public are divided over politics and Brexit, with increasingly hostile attacks being mounted based on underlying views rather than issue importance.

France is interesting, perhaps reflecting the dissatisfaction of the French people with their current government position.

Sweden is interesting, as their position on lockdown has been radically different to most other countries.  See our post on this here.

YouDrive thinks…

This seems to reinforce what we felt, in that we distrust not only the reporting of the situation by the media but the reasons they choose to report on certain subjects and not others.



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