How Healthy is Your Gut?

Your gut (stomach) is a centre point to the whole system and is an underrated organ. Around 40% of the UK population suffer with some sort of digestive problem at any one time (NHS).

The stomach is connected to all the major organs and the abdomen can be a cause of pain for many conditions. You have about 40 trillion bacteria in our bodies, mostly in the gut!

If you suffer from stomach or bowel issues it is important to spend the time trying to analyse why. The reality is Doctors have a snap shot of information based upon symptoms and what you tell them.

It could be something as simple as your food habits; eating the wrong type or mixture of food, or the time of day or night. Or it could be something more serious such as a hiatus hernia or ulcer. It could be as simple as your stomach produces too much acid or not enough, either way you need to take it seriously and not dismiss it.

Often humans especially today want quick fixes to things so quickly reach for the antacid products to relieve the pain or discomfort; whilst this is a quick fix it should not be regarded as a permanent solution. Stomach, bowel, liver, kidneys, pancreas are all connected and if you have a persistent problem it’s best to get it sorted. Now a visit to the docs is the first step and they will give you stronger medication to try to sort the upset, but if it persists then it’s best to have a look inside.

Whilst the procedure is unpleasant to endure it’s best to get a camera in there and have a look. Don’t try to second guess. Do your research first. Observe your body’s food habits and/or stress conditions and make a note of them.

Remember, respect your stomach because it is one of the most important organs in your body and is the gateway to fuelling your body.

YouDrive thinks…

Given how important our guts are, it’s really worth getting checked out if you think there’s something wrong.

A YouDriver has had ongoing problems with acid reflux, and we know how difficult it is to get things fixed permanently.

There are some common sense things you can do with diet – see FuelDrive

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