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Exercise Summary

There are times when we have to make some choices, about what to do, whether to do it, or how much you should consider before making a decision.  While acting thoughtlessly is not good, dithering can lead to getting ‘stuck’ in a morass of doubt and uncertainty.

You need to make a decision once you’ve looked at choices. “Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” said Napoleon Bonaparte.  Old people say that they regret the things they didn’t do more than those they did – there are times rules are meant to be broken; questioning their validity is often a good precursor to making progress. If you disagree with something, don’t just complain about it on social media – take action to do something about it.

Often the more difficult things are more daunting to start, but the rewards are greater. Don’t say you will “try” to do something – trying is an admission of weakness according to Yoda! Failure isn’t the end of the world – most successful people have racked up a number of failures.

Main Activity

Start taking steps be be more proactive

1. Start each day by tackling the most important thing. You’ll feel better about yourself and it won’t be hanging over your head for the rest of the day.
2. Take small steps. Do something positive, no matter how small. You’ll feel better and it will give you a better feeling to start the next task.
3. Don’t fear failure. You need to learn from bad experiences and failures and get stronger – it’s better to try and fail than not try.
4. Don’t fear other people’s reactions. Be true to the real you and bear in mind that you can’t control other people’s reactions. Most of the time people aren’t that bothered about you anyway!

We suggest a frequency of: 6 times a day
and it could last About 10

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A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine

Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.