Clearly isolating causes different types of stress on a relationship, especially with children being at home constantly too.  In our EpidemicDrive we look in more detail at this disease, and in our post on attitudes we show what people are thinking about it and why, and how arguments develop.

This is a light-hearted adjunct to our series looking at whether the coronavirus would make us better people. We look at how people’s reactions to the current position are putting us in to different camps.  These examples are all drawn from friends and family of YouDrivers!

Different Types of Response

People seem to be reacting in number of different ways:

Of course now we’re stuck in our households, if there’s more than one type there could be trouble – “irresponsible” versus “nagging”!  That’s always a good start for arguments!

Self Isolating Dangers

Even for married couples who are ’empty nesters’, there can be problems when the normal routes of escape are blocked. People who used to escape fishing  now risk being stopped by police and asked whether their journey is necessary.  Explaining the significant risk of death (by murder) as the alternative probably won’t work.

Video showing quarantine survey

Quarantine Survey

This ‘survey’ is just a bit of fun….

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coronavirus mask quarantine

Most kids can’t go to school…

I think after a week’s home schooling my kid is up to something….

Being at home with (several) young children who are normally at school / at nursery / being looked after by someone else can be VERY stressful. Especially as you can’t easily take them out to make sure they’re tired.

It’s not easy getting the right food….

When you have to queue to get in to the supermarket, and when you get there half the shelves are empty anyway. For some reason there’s always chickpeas.  What are they for?

There’s every chance this will have long-lasting effects

The combination of social distancing, lack of supermarket delivery slots, difficulties getting into shops, 3 item limits, enforced time with limited people could be bad and lead to arguments….

Although infidelity will be seriously reduced, there will be long term health side-effects…

A Touch Of Class During Quarantine

A Touch Of Class During Quarantine

Quarantine is thirsty work……..

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YouDrive thinks…

We know how serious this really is, but we all have to carry on. We will emerge from the present situation – we cannot remain in lockdown for too long, as the economic impact would be catastrophic.

We feel we need to keep a sense of balance – it’s ever so easy for the constant stream of bad news to get overwhelming, so let’s look at how different attitudes to this situation are playing out, and try to stop arguments developing.


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