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Reducing anxiety is possible by just leaving your cellphone alone a bit more, a Wellness Professional, Kristen King said:

 “Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something? That’s been me for the last several weeks. It seems like there are “signs” everywhere, and they’re all pointing to one thing: my cell phone. “

She explained that she has a “great set of wellness tools” to help anxiety and discomfort, but she finds she’s turning to her phone rather than using them. She thinks the problem is when ‘taking a break’ is really ‘avoiding life’.  She has created a a reality check for when she reaches for her phone.

She reckons this has taught her how much anxiety she has been feeling and avoiding, and the other things she can do to deal with it.

YouDrive thinks…

This is an interesting view of phone use.  We love the videos of people walking into things while busy on their phone!

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