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Based on an article by Stefan Munro
Thesun 24 Dec 2019

While a lot people ask how Adele lost the weight she did, we prefer to think about WHY she did it.

How is well documented. She worked with ‘The Body Coach’ Joe Wicks, and also worked with personal trainer Dalton Wong, mainly at home. But you don’t need personal trainers really.

If you are committed to losing weight there are no magic pills, no drink formulas. It’s guts and determination, and change of existing habits. It could be a combination of food and drink, and exercise. Or a complete change of lifestyle.

We are interested in why 3 to 4 years ago Adele announced at a concert; love yourself girls for who you are, and no matter what you look like. That’s all well and good and we know that self-esteem and mental attitude has a lot to do with weight. But she gave a message at that concert to young fans; don’t worry if you’re obese and don’t worry about how you look – love yourself. For many people that means it’s OK to be obese and unhealthy and keep up the destructive behaviour.

The key point is obesity counts more when you’re 60 and your body has had to carry (in Adele’s case) 45  2lb bags of sugar. Imagine that!!

Adele has experienced change, splitting up with her husband and father of her seven year old son, but she says she decided to change her lifestyle and weight because she wanted to be a healthy mum for her son.

She also wanted to ‘treat her body better’. She reduced drinking, started eating more healthily and started exercising more. 90% was diet.

We think this could be part of the path of enlightenment – it’s about the human journey of thinking and maturity.

It’s not religion, it’s a philosophy. We travel down the road of life and as we get older, wiser and more aware we do things differently. Did Adele mature and get to the stage whereby it just came to her and she thought – what I said 3 years ago was wrong? Yes we should love ourselves as we are but we should also look after ourselves.

Tell us about your change of heart – have you been on the same journey?

YouDrive thinks:

This got a lot of publicity because it’s Adele and she’s famous (and a great singer!), but there are lessons ion there for all of us.  You don’t need to be rich or famous – we can all start by making our own food and looking after ourselves – it’s healthier AND cheaper!

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