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This information is about the specific health area mentioned above. It comprises a combination of textual and video information, on our site and on external sites.  We will be adding new specific health areas and further information continually.

The idea is for you to understand more about the health area you are addressing before you get too far building your action plan.

General Information

Nutrition; what’s it all about? Well, not many people in the population think about nutrition; when it comes down to food, they eat what they want rather than feeding themselves to keep a healthy body.

Nutrition never seems to cross our minds until we are ill or feel lethargic or tired. We then discuss this with family, friends and work colleagues. What do the majority of us do is go to the local vitamin shop and start taking multi vitamins thinking this will work. Back to humans today wanting a quick fix. As my pharmacist colleague told us talking multi vitamins in general is just giving you expensive pee.

Lets face it – we have no idea why we feel unwell or lethergic or if we are lacking something until we have a blood test. So why not go to the doctors and ask or go online.

Nutrition is not a quick fix – it is about what we put in our mouths to feed our body and brain.

We have experts who are nutritionalists and can help you create a bespoke plan once you have got yourselves up to speed with food and nutrition. But before then take a test on nutrition and see how you fare.

Background Information

There is information available which will help you formulate your action plan – both on our site and on external sites.

On our site


FuelDrive is all about the fuel[ food and liquids] we put in our body to keep the engines working effectively

We have relevant information on Fueldrive

TestDrive is also important because we need to understand nutrition – eating the right foods enables us to keep our engine in top condition.  TestDrive is all about understanding your body and blood. Blood can tell you many things about what your lacking or can also give advanced warning or other medical issues etc.  In turn this will help your understanding of your situation regarding your nutrition

We have relevant information on TestDrive

On external site(s)

The National Library of Medicine has background information on the creation of the general nutrition questionnaire for adults. This questionnaire is available on our site.

Healthline can help you understand nutrition, how it affects the body and mind. what are the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies and how to deal with them.


Sometimes the owner of a video will not allow the video to be played on external sites.  If you see the video is unavailable on the left just click the ‘WATCH NOW’ link on the right and the video will play in a new window.

Nutrition for a healthy life

Alliance for Ageing Research have a short video showing how nutrition helps us age more healthily.  Below is an excerpt.

Constant exposure to our environment, the things we eat, and stresses from both inside and outside our bodies all cause us to age over time. This film explores those biological processes of aging, how we can maintain health throughout our lives with healthy lifestyles, and how scientists are learning more about the specific nutrients that can positively impact health.

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In order for you to assess what you know about this health area, we suggest using a questionnaire. This might help you understand your situation in this area, or taking it might improve your understanding of the area.

You may be able to take this questionnaire online – either here on our site or on an external site – or download it and complete it on paper – it depends on copyright (and whether we’ve managed to build it on our site!).

The ways you can take a questionnaire:

Questionnaire on our site

Take Questionnaire on our site

You can take a questionnaire on our site. This will score the questions automatically and give you a summary showing what your score means.

You will see our questionnaire first, possibly followed by a tab which may contain a second questionnaire (see above).  If you scroll down you will see links to external questionnaire(s) or downloads if there are any. Scroll down until you get to the right place for you!

Our Questionnaire

Objective: This paper describes the development of a reliable and valid questionnaire to provide a comprehensive measure of the nutritional knowledge of UK adults. The instrument will help to identify areas of weakness in people’s understanding of healthy eating and will also provide useful data for examining the relationship between nutrition knowledge and dietary behaviour which, up until now, has been far from clear.

Design: Items were generated paying particular attention to content validity. The initial version of the questionnaire was piloted and assessed on psychometric criteria. Items which did not reach acceptable validity were excluded, and the final 50 item version was administered to two groups differing in nutritional expertise on two occasions to assess the construct validity and test-retest reliability.

Setting: The questionnaire was developed in 1994 in the UK.

Since the 1950s the link between diet and chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders has been increasingly well recognised world-wide (WHO, 1990). In the UK, attempts to improve the nation’s health through dietary change have tended to centre around education. Underlying this approach is the assumption that providing people with the information necessary to choose healthy foods will ultimately lead to an improvement in diet. According to this view, given accurate information about what they should be eating and the implications for their health if they eat the `wrong’ foods, people will change their diets appropriately. Organisations like the Health Education Authority in the UK produce extensive literature aimed at informing people about appropriate dietary behaviour.

This quiz is no longer available.

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A Butterfly Life: 4 Keys to More Happiness, Better Health and Letting Your True Self Shine

Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.