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This information is about the specific health area mentioned above. It comprises a combination of textual and video information, on our site and on external sites.  We will be adding new specific health areas and further information continually.

The idea is for you to understand more about the health area you are addressing before you get too far building your action plan.

General Information

Greenness is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as:the quality of being green in colour, especially because of being covered with grass, trees, and other plants:  Or, the quality of not damaging the environment, or of caring for it:

The world faces environmental challenges from global to local levels. Well-rehearsed but impenetrable issues, include the increased likelihood of damage to life and infrastructure from climate change; carbon management policies for governments; increasing levels of poverty and hunger associated with growing populations; and, potentially, mass movement of environmental migrants.

The Biggest Environmental Issues – a list of the 17 major issues facing us today, according to are:
Genetic Modification Of Crops
Waste Production
Population Growth
Water Pollution
Urban Sprawl
Acid Rain
Ozone Layer Depletion
Ocean Acidification
Air Pollution
Lowered Biodiversity
The Nitrogen Cycle
Natural Resource Use
Polar Ice Caps
Climate Change

For more details see here.


Background Information

There is information available which will help you formulate your action plan – both on our site and on external sites.

On our site


GreenDrive is about taking care of the environment, it’s also about taking care of wildlife and the habitat that surrounds you, which provides a visual and audible splendour every day you step outside.

It does not matter where you live, house or flat, small or large garden, city or village, wildlife surrounds us and we can choose to either help it survive and prosper or dwindle and disappear. Most people do not even realise it is there, especially today with the busy lives we lead.

There is so much written about climate change – much of it controversial and sometimes contradictory. But there are some things that are pretty obvious, such as the need to recycle. As the world changes and the human population increases, there is a bigger demand to feed people and this intensive farming impacts on us and on the other animals we share the planet with.

So GreenDrive is all about taking care of what’s around us.

We have one planet and we owe it to our grandchildren and those generations not born yet to do our bit to make it all sustainable.

We have relevant information on GreenDrive

On external site(s)

40 things you can do to help the environment that are within your total control.

Read the news on any given day, and you’d think we were all soon-to-be goners from climate change. New stories and reports regularly reveal all the ways humans are trashing the planet at an unprecedented rate.

Given the seemingly dismal reality, we might be tempted to throw up our hands and say there’s nothing we can do to fix the problem. But defeatism won’t get us anywhere.

Governments and corporations need to step in, but they shouldn’t bear all the responsibility for making a positive environmental impact. People from all walks of life can do things each day to reduce their carbon footprint and make their routine more eco-friendly.

Becoming an environmental warrior doesn’t require a superhero-like effort. Something as simple as creating a grocery shopping list or using ceramic baking pans can make a big difference.

In fact, a healthy lifestyle and an eco-conscious one often go hand in hand. Extra bonus: Being eco-friendly is often easier on the wallet.

If you’re wondering what you can do about climate change and nature loss, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of effective ways to reduce your environmental footprint. The biggest game changers are labelled “top tips”.

As well as making changes as an individual, you can join others to bring about bigger change. Right now communities across the country are fighting climate breakdown. See what’s going on in your area.

Friends of the Earth have tips to help climate change.


Sometimes the owner of a video will not allow the video to be played on external sites.  If you see the video is unavailable on the left just click the ‘WATCH NOW’ link on the right and the video will play in a new window.

15 ways to save the planet

These are some of the Top 15 easy ways to help the environment!

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In order for you to assess what you know about this health area, we suggest using a questionnaire. This might help you understand your situation in this area, or taking it might improve your understanding of the area.

You may be able to take this questionnaire online – either here on our site or on an external site – or download it and complete it on paper – it depends on copyright (and whether we’ve managed to build it on our site!).

The ways you can take a questionnaire:

Questionnaire on our site

Take Questionnaire on our site

You can take a questionnaire on our site. This will score the questions automatically and give you a summary showing what your score means.

You will see our questionnaire first, possibly followed by a tab which may contain a second questionnaire (see above).  If you scroll down you will see links to external questionnaire(s) or downloads if there are any. Scroll down until you get to the right place for you!

Our Questionnaire

This questionnaire is 15 questions which are designed to check your ‘Eco Temperature’!

This quiz is no longer available.

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Times of change can be a challenge, no doubt! Whether it’s a relationship breakup, job loss, or being diagnosed with a serious health issue. Or you may WANT things to be different, but it feels a little scary or overwhelming. The butterfly reminds us change can be beautiful, even necessary, in order to realize our full potential and live our best life.